As part of the Total Sealing Solutions Services Paulmen Seals Limited offer both Supply and full reconditioning service for industrial rotating equipment. Including pumps, Gear Boxes, Bearing Housings, Valves, Actuators, Fans and much more.

Head Office : 312 Church Street Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand

Postal Address: PO Box 12107 Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand

Tel: 09 636 4221 Fax: 09 636-5593 E-Mail :

Paulmen Seals Limited are agents for a number of high class Pump brands and can also source to your requirements. Let Paulmen take the hassle out of your pump and other rotaring equipment selection.
Example of the transformation of a large Marley Gear Box from old to New.....
Examples: Pumps Centrifugal/ Positive Displacement/Rotary/Vane/Lobe/Gear/Single and Multi-Stage. Plus Valves, Gear Boxes, Actuators, Fans and More.....
Paulmen Seals Limited employees have extensive experience in industrial equipment enabling excellent workmanship and quality of service in the maintenance and reconditioning of rotating machinery. No job is too big or small for Paulmen Seals as our workshops have the capabilities to overhaul all Types of pumps, Gear Boxes, Bearing Housings, Valves, Actuators and Fans etc. We even collect and install...

This small 1970 pump was fully Reconditioned with a Seal upgrade. Now this pump is good to go for many a year..

All Pump Types, Models and sizes.